Devon Pop Top late 70s






Replacement vent

Roof hinge


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This pop top roof was introduced in the mid 70's, it consisted of a fibreglass cap that was supported front and back with spring loaded arms, these connected to the centre of the van at the front and back then were attached to the four corners of the fibreglass roof, separate stays in all four corners locked the roof in the elevated position.

Most were fitted with a bellows in a mustard, dark brown and white striped plastic material and inside had elastic on both sides passing through a loop in the middle. The roof had a solid internal headliner with a white covering and usually two mushroom vents towards the rear of the roof.

Replacement roof canvas in plastic

We produce a replacement bellows in plain or striped plastic, this has welded edges like the original but does not have the solid plastic strips in the corners as these proved to be a weak point that split in service.

Replacement roof bellows £345
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Replacement plastic vents, externally these are identical to the originals but require the hole in the fibre glass opening up slightly as the internal finisher now screws into the vent.


Elevating roof hinges, these are the cast hinges that rivet to the square tubing spring loaded supports at the front and back of the roof (the hinges need riveting to the original square tube).

Roof edge trim in black, rather than a seal Devon fitted these roofs with an edge trim. £25.00
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