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Devon Pop top vent (concertina)

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Dormobile brass hinge

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Elevating Roof Bunks

These were fitted in the Devon, Dormobile, Danbury & Viking conversions. Replacement bunk canvas are available for all models in plain canvas colours royal blue, mid grey, burgundy and light beige.

Vinyl Bunk Covers were also fitted to cover the bunks when stowed away and these are also available along with the appropriate attachment fittings.


Replacement bunk canvas for Bay window
Dormobile £89/pr
Devon pop top (concertina type) £89/pr
Devon pop top (late 70's type) £99/pr
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Bunk covers in white vinyl for bay window
Devon pop top (concertina type) £75/pr
Devon pop top (late 70's type) £75/pr

Elevating Roof Vents

We are able to supply a variety of vents, either just the plastic vent covers or where applicable complete units.


Pop top Devon (concertina type) this replacement vent cover is made from a white plastic and comes with four ready drilled attachment holes with rubber grommets, this ensures they do not crack or leak. £44.50ea
Dormobile side elevating roof vent these vents are made in a white plastic and come with the holes drilled for both the hinges and the opening mechanism £42.90ea
Devon pop top (late 70's type), these roofs were usually fitted with two mushroom vents, these replacement vent have the same outside dimensions. They have been improved with the addition of fixings to hold the inner trim to the outside vent, this requires the hole in the glassfibre to be opened up for these fixings, an easy modification £39.00


Elevating roof hinges

We have made replacement hinges for the majority of applications that require spares.


Dormobile a direct replacement in brass £11.50ea
Viking Spacemaker and Superviking standard hinge in brass £12.45ea
Viking Spacemaker and Superviking heavy duty 3mm hinge in brass £13.50
Devon (late70's) alloy hinge (requires riveting to original arms) £18.75
Devon side elevating, this brass hinge with a bronze pin just requires the mounting holes drilling to match originals. £14.95
Devon pop top (concertina), not exactly a hinge but part of the support bracketry that tends to rust on the Devon, it replaces the top pivoting bracket and comes with a new pivot bolt and brass spacers. Set of 4 corners. £53

Gas Struts

All our gas struts are made to the original specifications with the correct pressures and end fittings, it should be noted that gas struts tend to gradually lose pressure over a period of time towards the end of their life. Most roofs fitted with gas struts should be relatively easy to lift and should stay up without any other assistance, if yours does not then it is very likely you would notice the improvement of a new set of gas struts. We recommend that they are fitted in sets and will not warranty single items.

Bay Window

Devon side elevating (set of 4) £129
Viking spacemaker (pair) £79
Super Viking (pair) £79
Devon pop top 79 model (set of 4) £115

T25 (1980-1990)

Devon side elevating (set of 4 ) £135
Viking (pair) £82
Viking (set of three, includes central sliding strut) £115
Devon pop top (set of 4) £166
Holdsworth Villa (set of 4) Out of Stock
Autohomes Kamper (set of 4) Out of Stock
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